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Regretfully, we have cancelled the 2019 Orphan Car Tour because a tour master could not be found.  However, it is our hope that we can indeed run a 2020 tour! 

In fact, our successful 2018 tour (which started in Jarrettsville, Md.) occurred after a one-year lapse of the Orphan Tour.  So, even a one-year hiatus of the Tour seems only to whet the appetites of die-hard participants all the more!

If you or your car group want to run a tour but don't have the personnel to do so, consider linking up with The Orphan Tour for a year!  If you can provide a tour coordinator to lay out a route with some interesting stops to visit along the way, and find a dinner venue, we can provide the expertise and personnel to help you plan the event, and to handle publicity, bookkeeping and car / meal registration.

In this way your group can make the tour uniquely "yours" by (for example) including your particular automotive make in the tour's name, or including by including visits to a collection or museum showcasing your marque.  

Contact the Tour Director now, for further information.  (Click the blue link in the menu window to the left of this message)