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We're sorry to report that there won't be an Orphan Tour this year.

Unlike most car shows, which each year occur at the same venue and with the same basic format, the Orphan Tour moves to a new locale annually.  This means we have to start with a clean sheet each year.  This involves researching new areas, laying out new routes, finding attractions for our participants to visit along the way, and setting up a reasonably priced afternoon dinner at a new restaurant or dining hall.  It's a labor-intensive project and takes a lot of time, especially if the tour area is dozens of miles from the homes of the planners.  This year, we simply could not find someone to act as coordinator for the entire operation.

We're hopeful that we may find a coordinator for 2018.  If you know of someone interested in the job, or of a car club which might like to become involved in hosting next year's tour, please have them get in touch with us at either of the e-mail addresses shown at the left side of this page.

We can offer to any potential coordinator the full support of volunteers with long experience in running the Tour, whose expertise includes tour planning, route layout, finances, registration, and publicity.  This can free-up a coordinator or hosting group to concentrate on the "basics" of laying out a good tour, while our own volunteers deal with the "backup services".

We thank the many patrons of the Orphan Car Tour who have made this event into a popular and unique tradition among Washington-Baltimore area antique car enthusiasts over the last 27 years.