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Although there won't be a 2019 Orphan Car Tour, we are planning a 2020 tour! 

The location isn't resolved yet.  So, if you know of an interesting location in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or southern Pennsylvania with beautiful scenery, nice low-speed roads and attractions for us to stop and see, please get touch with our Tour Director.

Meanwhile, please consider having your club run the Orphan Tour in 2021 or further in the future. If you can provide a coordinator to lay out a route with some interesting attractions along the way, and find a dinner venue, we can provide the personnel to help you plan the event, and we can handle publicity, bookkeeping and car / meal registration.

Your group can make the tour "yours" for a year, adopting a theme of your club's "orphan" make and perhaps including visits to collections or museums that showcase your marque.  

Contact the Tour Director now, for further information.  (Click the blue link in the menu window to the left of this message)