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This year's tour will take place on Saturday, June 2, 2018, and will start in the Jarrettsville, MD. area.  It will end up at the Friendly Farms restaurant in Upperco, MD. 

You can find a flyer with complete information

We will post any updates (made after the flyer was printed) at this webpage, so always check here before going to the flyer!

Meanwhile, if you or your car group would be interested in laying out a future Orphan Tour, please get in touch with us. All you really need is one or two highly motivated people to choose a scenic area with plenty of low-speed roads, devise a 30-60 mile route, and find a number of interesting places (museums, collections, historic sites, etc.) that participants can visit along the way.  And you'll need to look into dining facilities (restaurants, club halls, fire departments, caterers).

However, if you have the germ of a plan, we can offer the support of volunteers with long experience in running the Tour, whose expertise includes tour planning, route layout, finances, registration, and publicity.  Your group or coordinator will concentrate on the "basics" of laying out a good tour, while our own volunteers can deal with the "backup services".

Contact the Tour Director now, for further information.  (Click the blue link in the menu window to the left of this message)