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1912 E-M-F

1912 EMF

It was a beautiful day when I first noticed the EMF’s in Muddy Creek. No, not the EMF’s that ghost hunters are looking for, These E-M-F’s are brass era vehicles from the past.

Muddy Creek is a small town in Pennsylvania, each year the Ma & Pa Railroad hosts Early American Auto Day. At this show, 2 brass era E-M-Fs were in attendance.

1912 EMF

E-M-F Company was an early American automobile manufacturer that produced automobiles from 1909 to 1912. The name E-M-F was from the initials of the three company founders: Barney Everitt, William Metzger and Walter Flanders

1912 EMF

One of the E-M-F’s had a story to tell. It was owned by Joe and Betty Swam.

In 2015, their 110-year-old vehicle was driven on a "tour"' circumnavigating the United States. It was a continuous tour through 23 states and parts of Canada and Alaska. They started on May 28th from Wrightsville, PA and returned on Sept 27th. This trip took four months and covered a total of 10,750 miles, setting a record for the oldest car to have completed the longest continuous tour solo. There were no breakdowns and only one flat at tire.

1912 EMF

Their vehicle is an open body style, referred to as a "touring" body. The car is powered by a 30 HP, 4-cylinder engine which must be hand cranked to start it. A "comfortable" cruising speed for both man and machine is 30-40 mph. This car's fuel consumption. is about 15 mpg, depending mostly on terrain. The engine's electrical System is generated by a magneto. The lanterns are fueled by kerosene and the headlights are powered by acetylene gas.

The paint color and pin striping are correct for that year. In Fact, all E-M-Fs in 1912 were painted dark Blue.

1912 EMF

This car is not a reproduction. It's an "original", restored the way it was a century ago, and is one of the last E-M-¬Fs built. We don't "show" the car for awards, but rather we take good care of it, see that it is well-maintained and "drive" it. (Joe and Betty Swam)

1912 EMF

More on the E-M-F
The E-M-F Company was an early American automobile manufacturer that produced automobiles from 1909 to 1912. The name E-M-F was the initials of the three company founders: Barney Everitt, William Metzger, and Walter Flanders.

  • Byron Forbes "Barney" Everitt learned wagon-building in Chatham, Ontario. He worked for carriage-maker Detroit. Started his own coachwork company, with orders from Ransom Olds, and then Henry Ford.
  • William E. Metzger was one of the first car salesmen, a buyer and reseller and, in the late 1890s, established possibly the first United States automobile dealership, in Detroit.
  • Walter E. Flanders was a machinist who started with servicing sewing machines during an apprenticeship at Singer Corporation. Flanders' skill was in setting up and effecting timesaving procedures and methods at the plant, where engineers had developed the Model T.

1912 EMF

In 1909, E-M-F bought the Detroit plant of the De Luxe company and began production of E-M-F cars. E-M-F produced several models of its own design and contracted to sell them through Studebaker wagon dealerships.

Late in 1909, E-M-F established a Walkerville, Ontario, branch plant to produce the E-M-F 30 and Flanders 20.[8] E-M-F had a third plant in Port Huron, which was sold to the Havers Motor Car Company in 1912.

Shortly afterward, E-M-F was bought out by Studebaker, which formed Studebaker Canada, and rebadged E-M-F's products: the E-M-F as the Studebaker 30 and the Flanders as the Studebaker 20.

1912 EMF

Detailed history on the E-M-F visit https://emfauto.org/



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