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The Orphan Car Tour sponsor organizations and their associated national organizations appear in the table below. Each organizations home page is hyperlinked in their respective text. We are greatful to the dedicated volunteers and staff workers provided by these organizations.

Sponsor Orphan Organization Affiliate National Club
Mid-Atlantic Packards Packard Club
Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Chesapeake Bay Chapter Hudson-Essex Terraplane Club
Potomac Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC)

Keystone Region Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club
Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC)
Potomac Ramblers American Motors Owners Association (AMO)


American Motors Corporation (AMC) Rambler Club (AMCRC)
DeSoto Owners Club of Maryland National DeSoto Club (NDC), Inc.


A contributing organization is one that is not a full sponsor, but supports the Orphan Tour with assistance or monetary contributions. CurrentlyThe Orphan Car Tour does not have any contributing organizations. If your car club would like to offer assistance to us as a contributor organization, please contact the Tour Director at the e-mail below left. Thank you

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